Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All I wanted was to blog

Well that seems like the story of the past few days.  So many times I wanted to blog about things but school just kept interrupting.  After last night I was beyond caught up!  I had all my assignments done and turned in before the due date and I only had 2 left and neither of them were due until the weekend.  HA!  I ended up writing a 3 page paper tonight on a personal experience that was significant in my life.  I wrote that paper about me being overweight and in Korean!  I actually found it fun to write as I even giggled while re reading it!  I titled it "The Call Me Fat!"  Even though I am exhausted and only have 1 more assignment for this week to complete I will probably go ahead and finish it tomorrow as I HAVE to dive into my manual on being the Pre K Director VBS!

However now I must shed some light on my amazing day!  I don't know why it was so amazing, I woke up to the second day of rain which has positives and negatives.  The positive is that it cools off my house and I can save on my electric bill and that it helps move out the yellow dust.  The negative is we can't really go outside to play and well it's rain.  Most of you know that my DIL (daughter in law) is here and so we all sat around and talked for a bit as I got Audrey functioning for the morning.  Minda showed up and I was out the door by 0910 this morning.  I was dragging this morning and starving so I figured B. King and Starbucks was first on my to do list after I called my USO boss to let her know I might be a little late.  (Volunteer work, I am allowed to be late) As I got my Venti Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frap nothing else seemed to matter not even the rain.  Those things just seemed to make the worst days better, but then again who wouldn't love a Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch with whipped cream, because if your going to be that bad you might as well go all the way!  After getting my drink and running back through the rain and getting in my car it happened.  Something so frustrating that even my Ribbon Crunch couldn't hold my smile.  I turned the key and the car was dead!  I frantically started texting Collin who isn't even in the Country, and my boss to let her know I was really going to be late.  I then closed my eyes and asked God why he had to test my patients this morning.  Just then I looked down and saw that I was between park and reverse.... It is fact that your car won't start when out of gears.  I quickly text everyone back and laughed as I realized I passed my first test of the day with flying colors.  I didn't lose my cool when I thought I would have to walk or pay for a taxi to go to work and miss my B. King.  Maybe I was able to keep my cool because of the Ribbon Crunch ;)  Anyway I got my breakfast and headed into work.

Even with the car incident I couldn't stop smiling now.  I had a spring in my step and I didn't know why but I sure was going with it.  The USO wasn't bad today we talked about upcoming tasks I was taking on due to the boss leaving.  We shared stories about our weekend and laughed at my panic that I had with the car!

I had to leave the USO early because I had a dr. appointment to go to.  It was THE MOST PLEASANT appointment and smoothest appointment ever since I have been in Korea!  They called me back early they were quick about getting everything done and I only waited about 2 minutes for the doctor to come in.  I got all the answers I wanted and more!  I am getting referred out to Korean dr and I didn't think that our insurance would cover it due to so many negative stories but my doctor is 98% sure that they will cover what I need if not more!  The doctor even inquired about my birth story and when I gave her the short version she insisted on hearing the full thing.  We might as well have been sipping coffee by the beach! After the appointment I needed to run my referral to down to the Tricare referral office, but they were already out to their hour and a half lunch so I choose to go to the gym instead!

The gym was awful, in the fact that I just felt like I really struggled today.  I found that I am ready to move up in 2 areas but I really struggled today.  However I didn't give up.  I had the best trainer in the world and I hope to cross paths again before our military career ends and so I have to look amazing the next time I see her.  I was going to call it quits after the weights because I have the stability ball at home and I have been doing a lot of the abs, legs, toning type of stuff at home.  But again I found that spring in my step and went for it.  I felt like I was going to drop by the end of today but I am so proud of myself for going beyond my expectations and not giving up.  After all it would have been easy too with no one watching me.   After the gym I returned to tricare.

Ummmm again another amazing experience.  I walked into the office and the lady greeted me with a smile and said, "Good afternoon!  What can I do for you today ma'am."  I told her I needed to turn in the paper and I was ready to turn around and leave.  I expected the normal of ok I will take it, thank you, have a good day.  But instead I got, "Hold on one moment please."  She walked away and returned.  She wanted to make sure I didn't leave without it getting placed on the proper desk.  I said, "Thank you, you are awesome!"  She literally stopped for probably 5 seconds and just smiled really big at me and said, "Sometimes we really need to hear that, so thank you."  I again was going to walk away when she stopped me and made sure that I not only had her office number but the Korean doctors number so I could call if no one reached me by Monday to set up an appointment.  She gave me a shuttle schedule and said if I had any problems or questions to call her directly and she made sure to write her name on the back of the card, as I was walking away again she told me to have a great day and that I made her day today.  What a wake up call.  We all complain about how awful our health care is here in Korea, or anywhere in general, but we should all take the time to tell someone that we appreciate what they are doing.  One sentence that I said to that lady changed her day!  I changed someones day today and made them smile!  What did you do?

The rest of my day was great with Audrey, I made her a potty sticker board, and since making it we have been able to place our first sticker on it.  It is nothing fancy but she smiled when I she picked out her first sticker!

I have no reason as to why my day was so perfect but it was.... and now I am going to close my eyes and end it on a perfect note!  (Ok so I will clean up my kitchen and living room first).  Good night to all going to bed and good morning to all those who are starting there day!  Smile and tell someone they are awesome today.... It makes a difference!
So I am not miss crafty but she enjoys the concept!