Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's been a hot minute

Hello friends and fam... It has been brought to my attention that I have indeed let too much time slip since I have said hello!  I was headed off to bed a bit ago but can't seem to sleep... so here I am! 

Just a quick update for the people who still send me messages about baby updates... Collin has been gone for 5 weeks so it has been totally put on hold, but I am starting back up on the meds soon, so you never know :)

Audrey and I have been keeping pretty busy while Collin has been away.  We had Easter, a trip to the aquarium, several trips to different parks, several walks, I have tried new places to eat, we have tried some really yummy cup cake places, we tried to make a new snack (that didn't turn out so well), we have planted flowers, I was on crutches, we have been bowling, we have watched movies and ate popcorn, I have been slammed with an unimaginable amount of homework lately, I had 2 main Scentsy events, and we won a hello kitty bike.  Oh yeah and potty training has been a huge success!
Time has flown by while Collin has been gone and I totally believe it is all thanks to my precious daughter.  Her and those crazy two's have kept me on my toes.  She has learned a lot of new songs and "teaches" them to me often. 
Her newest addiction is talking on the phone... even if she doesn't have a phone she will find something and make it a phone.  She calls up all her friends and will either carrying on lengthy conversations about ice cream and pull-ups being a crossed the street, much like our phone conversation today, or she will simply call each friend just to say hello then hang up! 

A couple nights ago a friend text me that her daughter and my daughter were apparently talking at daycare and decided that Audrey would have a party.  Audrey's friend would not go down for bed easily as she was insistent on finding a dress for this party!  With everything going on I seriously had to stop and wonder if I planned a party for the kids and then totally forgot about it!  Luckily I found that it was all in their little minds.  Minda, my amazing daycare provider, did tell me later that night that they were indeed discussing the party.  I love being Audrey's mommy!  There is never a dull moment... and with that... I am ready for Collin to be home and get back to being the daddy... because really, he is so much better at it than I am :)

Now that May is here all I can think about is the plans for our summer trip back to the states!  The exciting news is that I am still coming and will be at the reunion and will be in the states a few weeks after the reunion as well!  Plus I have a planned trip to New York to visit a friend since she will only be 5-6 hours away!  The downside to all this is, as of right now, there is a chance that Collin will not be filling your hearts with joy and laughter during the family reunion.  Which will make for a very long flight with a 2 1/2 year old who just simply wants to walk... run and talk... and demands attention when jammed into the tiny seats of an airplane!  However, please don't fret, for I have a back up plan.  If Collin can not fill your life with his awesomeness, I will put Audrey up to the task of filling the void!  I am positive with her cuteness and charm she will be up for the challenge... as long as the jet lag has worn off and her night becomes day and her day becomes night!

To the family of the reunion I hope you are anxiously awaiting the time of departure for the trip as I am! 

America brings so much to my life that I miss!  There is so much I plan on doing or want to do.  The first on the list is of course Chick-Fil-A.... followed by (and not in this order) other American foods, shopping, American baseball although Korean baseball is pretty sweet, the luxury of a mall (that I can actually afford to buy the clothes and fit in them), and the option to speak to whoever I want whenever I want for no reason at all except that they will understand me and I can understand them without question!!!  I miss all my friends and family who I will not be seeing this trip, but for those of you who I will be seeing hold on to your hats because the SHOREYS are coming!!!

And now that I am all hyped up thinking about vacation that is well over a month away.... I must depart to bed!

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