Tuesday, October 29, 2013

long day

I can't believe its been a week since I have been on here.  I mean almost everyday I think of something else I want to share with you and I just never seem to have the time.  Then when I do have the time I am too tired to even think about it.  Audrey is keeping us on our toes! 
She is furniture surfing and getting more and more brave about letting go.  With that comes lots of tears.  So far only 1 bump and 1 bruise and both were from different times.  We have also realized the speed in which those little legs can move when in a crawling position.  However, there are serious advantages to that now.  I can walk room from room and get her excited to follow mommy and she does.  If I go into another room soon I hear the patting of here little hands crawling as fast as she can to catch mommy!  Daddy has now learned the same game so she gets quite a work out without even knowing it. 
Today her and I sat down and read a book from Usborn books over and over again.  A friend of mine is a consultant and gave us a set of these little black and white contrast books.  She loves one more than the others and the picture and the word Bird perk her interest as she says b....b....b...b..... and tries to get bird off her lips every time.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that yes she was 5 weeks early and yes its ok for her to be behind in some things.  Other times I look in amazement and wonder... how did she pick up on that so quick. 
Monday we went to baby story time.  More like a 30 minute play time and if  the kids want to pay attention there are songs being sang and books being read.  In a room full of 6months to 2 year olds it is pretty much all play! 

Last night I was pretty sick and it made for a long night at the ER and even a shorter night for sleep.  Collin was exhausted so after I got Audrey down for a nap, I worked up the energy to get some house work down.  Laundry......... Love washing it, drying it, and wearing it clean........ but I hate the part of folding, hanging and putting away.  However at the end of the day it is nice to be able to sleep on nice fresh clean sheets.  After Laundry I decided to clean up the kitchen and then break for dinner.  (we did a fend for yourself night since naps ran a little long).  After dinner Collin played with Audrey and I did the dishes and wiped the counters and joined the family.  Since it is a work night Collin headed off to bed and I stayed up with Audrey.  About another hour had past and Audrey actually reached for her own paci and put it in her mouth.  Reached to be up on my lap and snuggled into me.  Yes, she was finally exhausted.  Once she was in bed it was time to clean some more.  I have been pretty disgusted with my floors.  I think every building in Korea has the same floors, Laminate wood.  Being in an apartment ours had not been taking care of very well and I feel like no matter how many times we swept or ran the swiffer mop over the floor it never seemed clean enough for me.  So tonight I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor.  Yes I am feeling satisfied. 

All in all it was a pretty successful day!  The only thing that didn't take place was the mailing of several items.  I had all intentions on getting Audrey and I dressed and fed and to take a walk on post to go to the post office so I could get some mailing done, but then I got an email from the hubby explaining that the air was poor quality today and I should just stay inside.  It didn't bother us much though cause that just gave us more time to talk on google+ with some family back home.  Those moments are always sweet happy moments.


  1. Thanks for the Usborne shout out!!! :)

    www.kdskorner4kidsbooks.com is my e commerce site where you can buy her some more if you want :D

    love ya!!!


  2. Your welcome. She loves all of her books we have gotten from you :)