Tuesday, October 29, 2013

long day

I can't believe its been a week since I have been on here.  I mean almost everyday I think of something else I want to share with you and I just never seem to have the time.  Then when I do have the time I am too tired to even think about it.  Audrey is keeping us on our toes! 
She is furniture surfing and getting more and more brave about letting go.  With that comes lots of tears.  So far only 1 bump and 1 bruise and both were from different times.  We have also realized the speed in which those little legs can move when in a crawling position.  However, there are serious advantages to that now.  I can walk room from room and get her excited to follow mommy and she does.  If I go into another room soon I hear the patting of here little hands crawling as fast as she can to catch mommy!  Daddy has now learned the same game so she gets quite a work out without even knowing it. 
Today her and I sat down and read a book from Usborn books over and over again.  A friend of mine is a consultant and gave us a set of these little black and white contrast books.  She loves one more than the others and the picture and the word Bird perk her interest as she says b....b....b...b..... and tries to get bird off her lips every time.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that yes she was 5 weeks early and yes its ok for her to be behind in some things.  Other times I look in amazement and wonder... how did she pick up on that so quick. 
Monday we went to baby story time.  More like a 30 minute play time and if  the kids want to pay attention there are songs being sang and books being read.  In a room full of 6months to 2 year olds it is pretty much all play! 

Last night I was pretty sick and it made for a long night at the ER and even a shorter night for sleep.  Collin was exhausted so after I got Audrey down for a nap, I worked up the energy to get some house work down.  Laundry......... Love washing it, drying it, and wearing it clean........ but I hate the part of folding, hanging and putting away.  However at the end of the day it is nice to be able to sleep on nice fresh clean sheets.  After Laundry I decided to clean up the kitchen and then break for dinner.  (we did a fend for yourself night since naps ran a little long).  After dinner Collin played with Audrey and I did the dishes and wiped the counters and joined the family.  Since it is a work night Collin headed off to bed and I stayed up with Audrey.  About another hour had past and Audrey actually reached for her own paci and put it in her mouth.  Reached to be up on my lap and snuggled into me.  Yes, she was finally exhausted.  Once she was in bed it was time to clean some more.  I have been pretty disgusted with my floors.  I think every building in Korea has the same floors, Laminate wood.  Being in an apartment ours had not been taking care of very well and I feel like no matter how many times we swept or ran the swiffer mop over the floor it never seemed clean enough for me.  So tonight I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor.  Yes I am feeling satisfied. 

All in all it was a pretty successful day!  The only thing that didn't take place was the mailing of several items.  I had all intentions on getting Audrey and I dressed and fed and to take a walk on post to go to the post office so I could get some mailing done, but then I got an email from the hubby explaining that the air was poor quality today and I should just stay inside.  It didn't bother us much though cause that just gave us more time to talk on google+ with some family back home.  Those moments are always sweet happy moments.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A little bit of bad for a lot of good news!

Collin had a long day at work today and so Audrey and I just hung out around the apartment since there is never any telling when daddy could be home.  Collin did however get to come home for a fast lunch and to fill me in on some news and bring home the mail. 
He informed me that he is allowed to go to a Korean class to brush up on his Korean.  This is good and a little sad for me.  The pro's to this is since he is already an amazing linguist he should have no problem scoring a 2+, 2+ ( I don't really get the grading scale) but once you score that high we will actually make more money.  More money would mean that I won't feel like I should be working and take some of the pressures off of us. If I was to go to work then I need to find child care and there are 2 issues with this.  The first is there is a waiting list for childcare and I would have to work evenings and then what kind of family time would we have.  The second one is even if I started to work and we could get childcare I would have to work full time and half of my paycheck (if not more) would go straight to the childcare.  The sad news to all this is that it is November 6th to December 12th!  That is over a month and even though it is a school he can commute to he will be gone for long hours of the day as he still has to go to work in the early hours before the class starts.  I probably will not see my husband during daylight.  However, we are together and that is the most important thing of all. 
Collin also took some books and invites to work for my Scentsy Open House in November.  I gave him 10 bags to take in.  The bags included invites that smell like A wink and a smile, a catalog, my new business cards, and 1 each of the winter pamphlets and fall pamphlets.  When he returned home he told me, "I have bad news."  I braced myself and said, "ok, fire away." To my surprise his bad news  was music to my ears!  "I gave out all your bags and I need more!" WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO seriously!? That's awesome!  He went on to tell me how some seemed very excited and one already said that she couldn't make it but will send an order home for me!  The bad news, and when I say bad news it really isn't bad just bad for my bank account, I had to order more books already!  I chose the route of giving out full books because I am starting in a new location and wanted to go all out!  I usually order 2 packs of books and have way too many left over!  This time I ordered 1 pack and could have used at least 5 more just today!  This is all a huge relief to me for multiple reasons.  The first one is that I had no desire to put Scentsy on hold and so I need this to work out here.  The second one is I already know of 3 Scentsy consultants on post and this is not a very big post.  Lastly, I miscalculated.  I thought I was "safe" until November.  I need to have $150 in orders every 3 months and well October is one of those months.  So if I don't have another $80.00 in orders by the end of October I have to spend the $80.00 and I would have felt awful spending the money on it if the Open House is a bust anyway!
With that being said, anyone who doesn't know my mother, if your ever interested in Scentsy look me up.  www.stacyshorey.scentsy.us we can ship to APO addresses :)
So today has been a great day at it is only 335pm.  Oh yeah and our 1st Birthday invites came in today!  So exciting!
Later I am going to pack a box of clothes for singles mom's who live in a shelter.  I am going to donate some of Audrey's clothes.  We were totally blessed with clothes from newborn to 6 months so now I am going to give the clothes to mommies in need.  First though I am getting off here and spending some awesome time with the family!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The best husband/daddy ever!

Well hello family. I hope all is doing well. I have been under the weather for about a little over a week now. It was a sinus infection that has turned into a nasty cold. However, I have an amazing husband who has been very helpful this past week. Audrey woke up screaming a couple nights ago and knowing that I was still as sick as could be (was actually at my peak) he got up and came out and did everything he could to help.  He even made us a make shift bed on the floor so we could lay down and still let Audrey watch ShushyBye until she fell asleep.  Eventually we all got back to sleep and Collins alarm clock went off about an hour later.  I then woke up and managed to get Audrey back in bed and we slept for about another 3 hours.  

Our bed on the floor.

Collin has also stayed up with her getting her to sleep for me so I could go to bed early and get my rest.  This has cause many short nights as he gets up at 3-330 to get ready to head into work.  He has been changing most of the diapers, feeding her most of the time, and playing with her most of the time.  I don't know about you all but when I get sick I get very short tempered and so Collin has been helping me not get to that state of frustration with Auder-pop.  Today he got up, well every weekend morning, changes her, feeds her breakfast, and if I am still not up starts her bath or has playtime.  But I am usually up prior to her finishing her cereal or yogurt in the mornings.  He also gave her, her bath this morning for me.

Collin being a Rock Star daddy!

Yes, I have an amazing husband and I couldn't have dreamed up a better man!  I just can't believe what an active daddy he is.   Audrey has been a little backed up and yesterday I gave her prunes and was very disappointed that it didn't solve the problem.  However this evening when Collin realized she needed changed he also discovered the biggest blow out ever!  Yes, Matthew even worse then the one on the plane from Colorado Springs to Baltimore.  I thought we were just going to have to give her another bath.  Collin took care of all of it.  I offered to take over and he said, "I am her father and I can take care of this!"  I did get down to help it was everywhere.  Collin said out of all of his children, 2 boys and 2 girls, that was the biggest blow out he has ever seen! 

As most of you know on my good days we were still pretty active, walked up Namsan Mountain (which is really a hill compared to the other mountains) and went up the Seoul Tower and the Teddy Bear Museum.  Which it took Audrey awhile to stop freakin out every time she saw a life sized teddy bear.

Today I was feeling miserable but I wanted to get out into the fresh air so we ended up going on a 2-3 mile walk.  We found parts of Seoul that we had never walked before, the Woman's University, and a beautiful park.  And you will never guess what we found in the park.

Yup more outside gyms!  This was the biggest.  Both pictures are one gym and then there were little workout stations all over the park.


Well that was our week in a nut shell.  Depending on how I am feeling tomorrow, after church we are looking to go to either that Japanese Prison or some weird tunnel contraption that Collin saw from Seoul Tower.  But first I am sure we will take the subway to Itaewon to grab lunch then either walk home or go get back on the subway and venture out in the city for more site seeing.  I love my life!  Coming here was one of the best decisions in life I have ever made.  
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

According to Koreans we are bad parents...........

So there are a few things I have learned in the 3 1/2 weeks I have been here.  The first is that Koreans love babies with Blue Eyes and light skin.  Second is that they are very blunt and will tell you what they think no matter what.

Every time we go somewhere, we can be stopped or walking, people will drop what they are doing to admire Audrey.  There was a young man on the subway shortly after we got here that walked from his end of the subway car that we were in to the other end where we were just to stand next to Audrey and stare at her.  Every time we get on the subway people just stare and some of them will interact with her and talking Collin in their language about her age and how pretty she is and cute.  Yesterday was about the third time that I noticed the most odd thing ever.  In the states most of the time if people really just want to touch your baby they generally say "can I touch your baby?"  Or if they are really brave they will ask, "Can I hold her."  At that time I usually will let Audrey be the judge of if she wants to go or not and unless she really knows you, or knows your a good friend of mommy or daddy her body language clearly says leave me alone!  However in Korea there is no asking.  People jump at the chance to touch her.  I will look down and someone has her hand or touching her hair or her face or something.  If they can't get to anything else they reach for her feet that will be sticking out somewhere.  I had a woman actually push through several people one time on a very busy subway just to stand next to me and my daughter.  funny but a bit creepy.  However that is not what happened yesterday, yesterday I had a man probably in his mid 40's reaching for Audrey wanting to hold her.  Never asked or anything. The look no his face said it all look at this baby, if only I could hold her.  Audrey however did not let go of me.  In fact she clung a little tighter.  The best he did was hold out a hand to him as if to say, "Touch only please"  One day on the subway a couple weeks ago an older woman, a typical grandma type, was watching her, smiling at her, touching her, and then all of the sudden reached for her and Audrey nearly lunged to be with the elderly lady.  I looked at Collin with panic stricken eyes and he grinned and gave me a reassuring look as if to say, it is ok.  He told me once we were off the subway that as weird as that is, it will become very common.
Well I am still not sure how "common" it has become to me and how much I appreciate it, but I am learning that it is not a weird occurrence.

Now to the bad parent part.  Yesterday we went to the zoo and it was a warm day starting out.  Even once getting to the zoo it was still a warm day.  If you remember from a past post I had said how even in the 70's I find many people in long sleeve shirts and jeans.  Well yesterday was low 70's and in the shade when the wind blew it possibly got into the high 60's.  Anyway once we got to the tram to ride into the zoo there were 3 elderly ladies going on and on to Collin about how we do not have Audrey dressed appropriately and how it is too cold and she should have a jacket on.  Ok so when we got in the shade and on the tram with the extra breeze from the movement it was cooler but Audrey never got cool.  They went on to say that we are big people and it doesn't effect us like it does her little body and they just couldn't believe we didn't have a jacket on her.  Collin assured them that we had a sweatshirt in the bag for her if she was to start getting cold.  The elderly ladies did not see that to be a good answer and again told Collin that we are big and she is too small to not have a jacket on.  The one lady closest to me, the one pushing the hardest talked directly to me (In Korean of course) but by her hand gestures I could tell she was telling me you are big much bigger, she is small and with giant hand gestures and emphasis on the words I could tell that yes she was calling me very very big!  I get it, I didn't grow up on rice, I know I am big............ sheesh these woman are not kind about thisI nodded and looked at the ground.  Collin better speak fast or get me off this tram cause I was ready to go off in English.  I know how to dress MY daughter so back off!  Finally we were at the zoo.  I didn't say a word I looked at them and assured them to get off first then Collin and then I would follow I didn't want to even have to say good-bye at that point.  Later the winds did pick up and I looked at Collin and said, "Ok, now we can put on her sweatshirt."  Audrey was a little warm but, at least her ears were covered with the hood when the wind whipped through.  At this point we figured we might as well just head home because the air was beginning to cool.  STILL NOT COLD.  IT WAS 65.5 OUT!  Now on the way out I did realize I had forgotten something.  Socks.  I had left them sitting on the changing table at home.  Collin and I bent down several times to feel her feet and thankfully they never felt cold but wouldn't you know on the way back to the subway I had a lady stop us and tell us that we really should have socks on her feet.  Collin told her something in Korean and began walking again.  I knew what the woman was getting at by her tone and reaching down to touch her feet. Collin was very short in what he said and so I let it go.  When we got to the elevator I told Collin how the Koreans sure did make me feel like the worlds worst mom today.
Bottom line Audrey never got cold, and was a happy girl.

Oh yeah when we went to the petting zoo the ladies on the tram, the ones who insisted I didn't know how to dress my daughter were the ladies giving out the food for the animals, they were very pleased to see her in a sweatshirt.......... in fact they rewarded us.... oh yes they wanted to make sure they gave us extra carrots to feed the deer.  After she gave me the extra carrots and said something in Korean I said Cumsumnida (ok don't know how to spell it but it means thank you) and looked at Collin and jokingly said, "aww they rewarded us for dressing our daughter properly!"  Collin laughed and said, "That's exactly what just happened"  Seriously people Seriously!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A new week

Holy Cow it is a new week already!  Who would have thought Monday would have come so quickly.
Last week like the past 2 weeks was great!  Especially Saturday night!  Seoul had its annual firework show.  The show is put on by 4 different countries.  This year was Canada, Japan, France and Korea.  Best Fireworks ever!  Each Country set off their own 15 minute show and Korea got like 20 to 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between!  It was unexplainable.  They say that over 1 million people come to watch these international fireworks.  I will post a picture or 2 at the bottom but, we were forced to stand very far away and my pictures do not do it justice however CNN did have some amazing photo's that were posted and an article explaining the theme each country did and that it cost 3.3 million and 10,000 fireworks were used!  (Go to CNN.com and in the search field just put Seoul fireworks festival) and I will also share on FB!

Today was my first day back at the gym since I tore the tendons in my foot!  It was pretty good.  I actually ran for a bit on the treadmill and was rather impressed with myself.  Although anyone who knows me knows I am initially shy and I certainly don't like trying new things out for the first time by myself.  So with that being said I really didn't do much more than cardio as there was very little machines compared to what I am used to and  ones that I had never seen in my workouts in America lol!  So with others in the gym I didn't dare try them.  In fact I am pretty sure I just want to go onto post and used the new gym there.  I work out best when someone is pushing me to work out.  I was going to ask for a personal trainer for my birthday but they are a bit more then I was expecting and without working I feel guilty asking for such a thing, plus lets face it I have a first birthday to be buying for.  I was in the best shape of my life when Collin and I were working out together.  He pushed me, even when I hurt and I wanted to give up and cry he pushed me.  He knows my breaking points and he knows when I am there and when I just want to quit.  The problem with that is that the gym doesn't offer child care anymore.  I would so be willing to pay for child care for a couple hours if Collin and I could get in our groove again.  Plus it would be way cheaper then a personal trainer.
Now that all these thoughts have flashed through my head of the best way to get in shape and they are all seeming to fail miserably I guess I will really have to rely on those 3-5 mile walks that we seem to end up taking often.  I will get back into shape some way some how.  There is a lady on post trying to get a co-op started for babysitting at the gym as the gym has provided a room for it.  Now we just need the people!  I would love that!  I would have no issues watching kids for an hour or two if it means I get free child care to also get my work out on!  So hoping that there is a big enough interest! 

Well we are off to our last hope for a trunk or treat costume!  If we can't find anything then I guess I will order one offline and hope it arrives in time!  Oh yeah and everyone that knows I hate carving pumpkins and refuse to do it............ so does Collin...... guess Audrey better make some pumpkin carving friends in the future cause that is so not happening in this house hold!  As it is, it has taken me a lot to set aside my hatred for Halloween and find a costume.  I know Audrey will be ADORABLE but really buying a costume for 1 night for a couple hours for candy she CANNOT eat!  Yes, seems ridiculous to me but everyone has convinced me that it will be fun to do with Auder-Pop!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life is good

Well hello everyone!  I hope this finds everyone doing well.  I am great!  Day 2 of losing weight is not going so good.  I have not made it to the gym yet but I am drinking about 5 of the 8 glasses of water and for me lately that says something.  Every chance I get I choose to walk everywhere even though at times that walk is just down right exhausting.  There is a girl Sarah that we met at the Church..... ok well not exactly.  Collin met her a long time ago and somehow started talking about Scentsy and she needed a light bulb so Collin just gave her one of his, but anyway after church on Sunday he pointed  her out to me.  Then Monday when we were on post we saw them once again and we got to talk and I finally learned her name.  Yesterday at the PX (our shopping center) wouldn't you know, we ran into Sarah again.  We talked a lot more about the church and small groups and about Korea and how I was adjusting and what not and I was starting to feel good about meeting a new friend and then she said those words....... "yeah it's a shame we are leaving in 2 weeks"  Ugh are you kidding me?!  Every time I meet someone they are leaving!  Kind of like one of Collin's soldiers he hung out with over here.  Courtney and him had been buddies for awhile at work but as soon as I get here and get to meet her she is leaving!  In fact Collin is at her going away shindig now, Oh wait there is a text.... he is on his way home.  The life in the military.

Today I learned the process of walking on post and withdrawing rent money plus a little more (we never know how much utilities are until we go to pay), then we have to exchange the money into Won, then we get to go pay rent and all utilities.  The bank has a really bad exchange rate so we don't exchange our money there so we either can exchange it at the Realtors or if they don't have the money then we have to go find another place.  Today the realtor had enough to exchange and so we were able to do EVERYTHING in 1 stop.  Exchange, rent, and all utilities. 

Today we also went down south.  Collin had to do some work down there so while he went to work Audrey and I went exploring.  In the food court was a play place for Audrey to hang out and she met 2 friends and I met their mom's.  They talked to me a little and we talked kids but the bad part is that it's an hour bus ride to get down there and the chances of me going down there often is very slim.  After that Audrey and I went around and looked at the different kiosks and stores and soon daddy was done with work.  From there we walked over to the mac flight area or whatever its called.  Its a mini airport and if I ever have open ended dates to come home I can fly on a military flight from there to Seattle Washington and then the rest of the travel is on me.  This sounds great and all except the MAC flights are not always reliable and I could get stuck somewhere so I would probably be on standby flights from Seattle on, unless I could find another MAC flight to get me closer to family or friends so someone could pick me up.  Anyway at the reason we even went to the mini airport was that I could get my Visa stamped in my passport and I am now allowed to be in Korea for 1 1/2 years! That was the last of our major paperwork we had to do since getting here.

One of the most enjoyable parts of today was ordering Audrey's first birthday, birthday invites!  I can't believe we are getting so close already and the other day we bought her first birthday present and I have 2 more on the way from Amazon. (Which is the best thing since sliced bread now that I am over here)

Yesterday we went and did what is hopefully close to a full month of grocery shopping.  At the time I knew that IN CASE there was a shutdown that commissaries would be closed (that is the cheapest by far for us to shop in Korea.) So I wanted to get as much done as possible.  I have since learned that with the shutdown only US Commissaries are closed but the oversees ones stay opened.  I am thanking God that they passed a bill so that Military will be getting paid.  However with that said I couldn't imagine the panic a lot of my friends and possibly family have at this time not knowing when they will get paid again.  A have a lot of friends who get paid under the government and some of them have children bigger and smaller than Audrey.  For those of you who have to worry about diapers, wipes, formula, food, gas, pet food, and all the other necessities just to get through a day, my heart breaks for you.  I am sending hugs and praying for all of you to make it through.  I know it feels good to complain about our "messed up" government but I think we all know that won't help, and keep your head up!  You can do this!

Now I think it is time to join my precious baby girl and get some much needed sleep!  Loving and missing all of you!