Monday, March 2, 2015

moving forward with positive outlooks

So it has been awhile since my last baby update.  Because of the negative pregnancy test a couple weeks ago I held off on posting until I knew what my next plan of action would be.  After consulting with my doctor we have decided to go ahead and send me back to a Korean hospital.  I am hoping to return to severance as they are straight to the point and already know my history.  Plus the doctor there has pretty awesome English.  Sarah is also wonderful, and although she is just the lady that checks me in and gets my prescriptions she treats us like family and like we are special and with all the drugs, injections, and blood work it is nice not to be treated like just another patient!  With that being said in 1-2 weeks I should have progress to share.

I wanted to also share a little about Audrey and her growing imagination.  Today at nap time she refused to lay down without owl and bunny.  In the past two days she has become very attached to these two stuffed animals.  When asking her if she wanted to say her night night prayers she informed me that she did not but Owl wanted to say them.  So I started with, "Now I lay me...." and she repeated, "Now I lay me, Owl," and continued in this manner until prayers were complete.   Not thinking I said, "Good job Audrey," which got a reply of, "No mommy, good job Owl!"
Tonight while getting ready for bed, she made sure that we each grabbed one of Owl's wings and walked her to bed.  Although uncomfortably hunched over taking baby steps all the way down the hall so owl could "walk" to bed I couldn't help but be impressed by this new imagination that Owl was indeed a true friend! 
Earlier this week I had asked her if Owl was a boy owl or girl owl, I was very surprised to not get the simple boy/girl answer but to be told that, "A big girl owl!"  Which now leads to Owl sitting on the potty with her and as of this evening needing to wear big girl panties! 

Tonight we were getting ready for bed and she came up with the imagination that the laptop could be a mountain for her cars and specifically her Bubble Guppies school bus.  When I asked if she was ready for bed my dear child told me, "Just 5 more minutes."  Then playing with her school bus she was amazed and very happy that her bus could drive over the laptop.... I mean mountain! 

I cannot believe the amount of vocabulary this kiddo has and I am becoming very impressed with her imagination.  I look forward to Easter being a month away.  I have already bought the majority of her Easter basket and I bought the supplies to color eggs!  I think she is at that age where she will really grasp the idea of her basket and enjoy coloring the eggs.