Thursday, January 29, 2015

baby adventures

For those of you following up on the process of how the baby medications are going, here is a quick update. 
Round two has been completed and still no ovulation.  I was on double the medication this last time and still nothing.  I know that I need to relax and all the other things people say to a woman who struggles with becoming pregnant. 
I struggled with this month because pumping my system with these meds and still not even ovulating is frustrating.  It would be different if I ovulated and I just missed the peak timing.  Yes missing the timing is frustrating as well but at least half of the problem would be solved.  Although when the medication doesn't even take effect, you are sitting with nothing except the realization that you will put your body through another round of medication. 
I called the Dr. today and left a message in hopes that I can go in and receive a referral to be seen at Severance, a Korean hospital, as my next option instead of playing around with the same medications for a third month.  I am hoping to receive a phone call back by the end of business today and hoping to set up an appointment to be seen. 
This really shouldn't have me so frustrated because Chlomid didn't work in the past while trying to get pregnant with Audrey either.  I was on much stronger drugs, shots, and every other day ultrasounds that were monitoring my progress.  Military facilities do not have this luxury, hence needing to find an outside doctor. 
I miss Dr. Magerelli and his practice greatly, but from what I have experienced from Severance Hospital and from a friends recent success I know I am in good hands with them.
Ultimately I know that it doesn't matter which drug I am on, which doctors I see, because our greatest physician is not here on earth.  It is really up to Him and His timing.  What I pray for is not ultimate success.  I pray for God's favor, His will to be done.  I pray for peace and comfort for whatever the final outcomes are.  I pray for knowledge on when to stop this journey and I pray for direction on how to proceed.  No matter how frustrated I get I praise Him for he has already given me so many blessings.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Round two, Ding Ding

Oh my goodness, life has been crazy.  How have you all been? 
Last week I had to finish up my Classic Christmas class, and started Math and Marriage and Family classes.  It was a busy week.   On top of the classes I started the visits to the orphanage every other week, PWOC started back up (Protestant Women of the Church), and we had our first on site Shalom visit.  Yesterday we also went to the Morning Calm Garden, which was exciting!  It was cold and snowing, it wasn't that wind blowing snowing falling everything is wet and nasty snow.  Well once you were in it for a couple hours it got everything wet, but it was that calm peaceful big flakes type of snow.  Seeing my daughter look up in awe of all the snow falling down around her face made time stand in still.  It was the most memorable moment for me.  She was all smiles and loved the snow more than the million of lights.  She kept saying, "Mommy it's snowing!"  Her eyes on the sky almost the whole time.
It has been a great week!  Now as Monday has approached us again, it is time to start over.  Today we actually have a photo shoot taking place in about an hour for a small family of four.  My actual PWOC class starts this week, and school will continue.  7 assignments, including a quiz and paper will be due by Sunday night.

Now for a baby update.  As most of you know by now round 1 of baby medicines have not worked.  The first medication makes me sleepy and I can become a pretty boring person, the second medication doesn't always agree with my but is the most important part of the process.  After 14 days of meds and ovulation testing we realized we would be forced to start another round in a couple weeks.  Sure enough the pregnancy test was negative.  However, if I am given the chance to mother a second child I know that it will not happen in my time.  Sound round 2 here we go!  I have already started, what I like to call, the sleepy medicines, and will be starting the ovulation meds in the next couple of days.  The prenatal vitamins are always a nice touch as it helps my hair to grow nice and thick!

Just wanted to shoot a quick update every one's way and I hope and pray you all have a splendid week.... or two.... or possibly three since I am not very good at finding the time to sit down and write.  I remember when I started this, it was to share our journey of our travels in another Country, and since we have been here I have noticed after a few months our travels slowed down and because of that so did my updates.  I am hoping that 2015 will bring lots of travel, news, and excitement, so that I will have lots to write about!