Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Festival!

I love mommy hood but sometimes it is exhausting.  I think we are teething because there has been a lot of ear pulling, fussiness, being very clingy and just down right exhausting.  Daddy comes home and helps as much as he can but he has school so he keeps very busy in the evenings with studying and homework.  However, she is holding her free stand for probably about 15 seconds now and is trying to mimic just about everything we say and do now :)  If you count she is a pro at saying 8 it's really cute! 

It is getting pretty cold here.  Most days are in the mid to low 30's so it makes for going for walks challenging.  Walking on post the wind is usually at our backs but coming home gets pretty bad.  Monday, Audrey took the blanket and actually covered half of her face.  I wanted to go to the PX today but I just can't justify bundling her up and walking over there if it is not a must have.  Monday after we got home it started to snow.  Nothing stuck though so it was just that annoying snow.  Audrey was sleeping so missed out but I saw it flying around the living room balcony. 

This past weekend was a lot of fun.  Saturday we had a Bazaar to go to on post to help support the high school.  It was nice to not be working at an event but part of me misses it.  I think I actually want to get in on the coordinating side of it a little more.  I don't know what is more important for me.  Coordinating it and learning that side of things or trying to become a vendor at one of these things.  Anyway, we went shopping for something specific at the PX, I say specific because I really can't remember what it was after walking out of there with a ton of clearance baby clothes :) I got like 65.00 of stuff for 30.00  Can't pass that up.  So after shopping we fed Audrey and then headed to the Bazaar.  She fell asleep on the way and unfortunately missed Santa all together.  Hoping to find another one soon.  Then that evening we went to the Lantern Festival which was pretty cool!  It was cold out so Audrey was bundled up pretty good and slept through half of it but it is really amazing the things they put together.  It was also the last weekend for it and was crazy crazy busy!  I felt like cattle being herded down a long narrow path at times.  Collin bought me some light up roses and we bought some other lantern goodies, which one exploded on me after we got home.  See it was 220 plugs and they gave you an attachment so you could use 110 as well.  All our 110 were being used at the time so I just figured I would use the 220.  HA WRONG!  I don't know what happened but when I plugged it in, it exploded.  Light bulb and the little thing the light bulb sits in shot up and out of the flower.  The ends of the flower are even burnt :(  I am so bummed I broke it.......... needless to say I am never using 220 again.  I even have Collin plug in the converters now cause I am too paranoid.

Sunday after church we went to see where Collin goes to school.  It was beautiful.  Freezing cold but beautiful!  And nice to get out and go somewhere we have never been. 

Last night we finally did Audrey's birthday cupcake.... things have been crazy.  She enjoyed it.  Made a bigger mess of that then she did from her cake.  A friend from the church gave Audrey a really nice gift card for one of the department stores here too.  I am itching to go buy her something nice! 

Well I guess I will go for now.  Everyone is in bed and I am exhausted just have a few things I wanted to get done before I head off to bed as well.  If Audrey is anything like she was today, tomorrow I am going to need every ounce of sleep I can get! 

Audrey covering her face on the walk.

Walking through Collins University

The Lantern Festival


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