Thursday, November 14, 2013

New steps New Journey!

Today I am very excited about a new journey in my life.  I have promised myself many times since I have been here that I would lose weight.  Well that hasn't happened yet.  However, today I got my Body by Vi kit.  So why should this be different from anything else?  I have tried diets, and the gym, I even tried a worm infested shake with essential oils (don't even get me started on that one).  Well a couple of reasons this one is going to work.  The big reason is because it's a 90 day Challenge.  Right there is what I need.... Challenge.  It makes it more demanding, makes me feel like it's something I have to complete.  Isn't it funny what a single word can do to you?  Plus it challenges you too make your commitment public and now that I have done that on FB then how can I possible  not stick with it.  I even measured and weighed myself and ugh scary!
Another reason is that I want to have another baby someday and I really really want to be healthier the next pregnancy, not to mention I just want to be healthy for my children and to be able to keep up with them. 
However there is a huge huge reason why I will make this work.  See Collin also is participating in the challenge.  I get to wear the band, and have the website but tomorrow morning both of us will begin our journey.  I WILL kick his butt in these next 90 days!

Today marks another special day!  Toddler life begins!  Audrey is a whole year old today.  I won't bore you with the details but it was the craziest 3 hours and 25 minutes of my life!  Ok so maybe a few details.  Monday night November 12th the Steelers were playing a Monday night game and I fell asleep before it was over (they lost).  This piece of information  is not important except for the fact that the Steelers were playing a Monday night game and that is always important to me.  Ok so anyway... Tuesday morning my water broke at 0550.  I didn't start having real contractions until about 0700 and up until that point I was determined to go to work.  The hospital was maybe 10 minutes from my job and I had paperwork to finish off and make sure all was in order and being my first child I had plenty of time. The hospital was 40 minutes from my home.  Collin was on 24 staff duty and wouldn't even get home until 0900 and he would need to try to get some sleep.  When I returned home after choosing not to go to work I found Collin was in bed trying to sleep.  Someone at work heard the news and went in to relieve him early.  Knowing he needed some sleep I paced outside and then down in the basement while making a few phone calls.  My mother was my biggest phone call :)  She talked to me as I was having contractions, and after Collin just couldn't sleep she talked as I tried to pack my bag and the babies bag, she talked to me as my contractions were getting to be 5-7 minutes apart and oddly enough I don't remember anything we talked about except for when I sat down and had to breath through a contraction and heard my mom say something to the effect of get off this phone and get Collin.  These contractions are coming way to quick.  I alerted Collin and he said, "I am taking a shower" and off he went.  See we went through the bradly classes and Collin was at one time an instructor.  Between the class and his knowledge we knew there was no way Audrey was coming that soon.  After a 5 minute shower I was bent over the counter in pain and told him how sorry I was but there was no way I was going to be able to do this drug free.  He took me down stairs and after some screaming in pain we were in the car.  A little over half way there I knew I had to push.  I told him she wasn't going to wait but he assured me we were almost there and at that point I could see the hospital.  After the most insane roller coaster from checking in at the ER to wheeling up to Labor and Delivery triage to getting rolled down on a bed to L&D and then getting placed on another bed.  Then being told I couldn't have drugs and to push and 2 1/2 pushes later hearing my baby it was finally over!  That day I did what I didn't think was possible I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, all natural, and she was  healthy!

Happy Birthday Audrey Ruth you make mommy and daddy so proud!

 Right after the delivery,  they wanted to rush her away but Collin convinced them to let us have a moment!
 He was amazing right there with her every 3 hours for 5.5 days until we were released!  I saw so much pride in him that day!

 The best thing I have ever done!

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