Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Well hello to all my friends and family!

It's been a couple weeks and I have been busy!  Last week so many things started to happen.  I started working as a volunteer in the program area of the local USO here.  I want to spend more time there to learn more faster than what I am but it is Volunteer and I am not going to let myself get wrapped up in it like I would a paying job.  I started at the USO because I need socialization.  I love my husband and I love Audrey but sometimes I just need to get out by myself.  It seems fun so far and I am already working on my first program to help out a woman who is looking to start up a small Art class for military children.  Don't worry I will not be in charge of teaching the Art.... I can hear some of you who know me well giggling from here!

Last week I also decided that it was time to go back to school. As I look at random job postings I see that so many of them will not hire you if you don't have an associates degree and I know some jobs stop your growth if you don't have your bachelors.  When I was working for Guardsmark I couldn't grow anymore with the company if I wanted too because of the degree.  So I have set out to get my degree in Business/business management!  The plan is for me NOT to have to go back to work but.... Sometimes our plans don't always work out the way we want them to.  So it's time to be prepared and more education never hurts.  I am currently looking into Colorado Christian, however so far I am not making any connections for financial aid.  If you live the military life you are probably asking why not just use the husbands GI Bill.  Collin wants to finish his Bachelors degree and I really don't want to take that Bill away from him if he can't finish while he is still in the Army.  If I take the bill and he doesn't finish his degree when he retires we now have to pay for his schooling.  Plus if I take it, I read the new rule is that he has to stay in for another 4 years once the bill is put into my name.  He is working on year 25 now and he has the opportunity to retire 2016.  So Thursday I am heading on post to see about the post supported schools.  They have some amazing military deals and spouses get tuition assistance which means if I can get through most of my schooling and we only have to pay a couple thousand to do it then that is the option I will take but if I am going to owe too much then Collin will just give me his bill and all will be well.  Either way this girl is going to get educated!

The last big event that happened last week was I applied for a part time position for a Security job here at the base.  I have spent just about half of my working life in security in one way or another.  I do not need the job but it will make life a lot easier financially.  You see, long story short, the Army had over paid us in December and we were well aware of it.  We had kept a couple thousand in savings for when they wanted to take the money back out of Collins pay.  Well he saw his pay check for this month and the Army left us with just enough money to pay our rent and utilities here in Korea.  Not a dime for food or gas or any other bills we might have.  Apparently the Army had been paying us too much money for several months, that we did not realize and this was their way of getting it back.  Thankfully we had some savings ready for a much smaller debit and as awful as Wells Fargo is they are actually understanding.  We can skip this months mortgage and make it up for the next few months, which adds like 300.00 on to our payments until we are caught back up.  So now you can see why I had applied for a part time position doing what I know how to do best!
At first we were both very stressed and frustrated but this isn't the first rough patch of life and it won't be the last.  We will get through it! 

On a happy ending note Audrey has decided to cut tooth 3 and tooth 4!  She has been cranky this time around.  More than usual but she does have teeth under those gums :) Oh yeah and I found an occasional babysitter from our church so that took some stress off me!

Well I suppose it is time to turn in for the night.  It is going on 1 in the morning and my eyes are getting heavy!  I hope everyone has a splendid day and a great rest of the week!

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