Saturday, May 24, 2014

An exhausting and crazy weekend!

Good morning!  To most of my readers anyway.  I hope you are all doing well!  I am in my favorite spot.... yes you guessed it on my balcony with the windows open listening to the busy traffic of the city below.  Tonight though I have a whole different view.  I am looking the I'Park mall straight on, seeing a much broader view of the city and high rises and on a clear day/evening I can see the 63 building, which glows when the sun goes down.  It's really weird how a shift in view can change the way life feels in general. I knew by looking out the window before that I was living in a city but now I can see the bridge traffic of two bridges, a school playground, a passenger train and so many more high rises that it really feels like the city now.  I feel like I am surrounded in it so much more than I was before moving to this apartment.  It is exciting. 

As most of you know, and if you couldn't tell from the above, the family moved this weekend.  We we were living on the 10th floor but we have moved down to the 9th.  My elevator friend, yes I have an elevator friend, laughed at me when I told her we were moving to the 9th floor.  She couldn't believe we were moving down.  "Most people move up, " She said while shaking her head in disbelief.  And it is true.  If your going to move in a high rise you certainly don't move down, well unless your crazy Americans like us!

The move went relatively smooth except for a few hiccups but what move doesn't have though.  However ours was a little weird.  Friday Collin had a group of guys lined up to come over and help him move and only 1 work related friend showed up and that was Tom!  Being his best friend however counts as a friend and not a work relation so forget I even said that.  There was another soldier who came but Collin knows him as a friend and doesn't work anywhere with him.  The last person who showed was his son Mike!  Anyway a friend on mine headed off to a 31 party that another friend was hosting so the boys started the heavy lifting.  All was going pretty well I guessed because I never got a phone call and a text.  It was when I was sitting on the floor filling out my order form and my daughter becoming very cranky and tired that I heard my friend on the phone with her husband.  When she hung up I heard her say, "Call your husband!"  I looked at my phone and sure enough I missed 2 calls at this point!  I called him back and he began to tell me that Security went up to the apartment and walked him down to the main office.  Apparently because we were moving and using the elevator we needed to pay 100,000Won, after much discussion about how we were only using the elevator for the major things and using the stairs as much as we could because we were only 1 floor down they lowered it to 50,000Won.  Ummm a little strange if you ask me.  I guess people were getting pretty annoyed that we were using up the elevator so much for our move and they had important things to do.  Oh well.  This incident was really the biggest one we had so far all weekend. 
Today was a pretty awesome day as well.  Everyone helped out with Audrey a TON and we got a lot done.  Both bathrooms, Audrey's play room, most of her bedroom (prior to her wanting to go to bed) and most of the office/workout room.  Tomorrow I look forward to finishing both of those rooms, getting my closet and vanity set up along with starting our bedroom.  I say starting because looking at it tonight I have to cringe and hope that we can have it done before Collin goes back to work on Tuesday!  For those of you NOT on Facebook, please enjoy the following!

 The Play room (now has ABC and 123 Mats!

 Guest/Audrey's bathroom

 I might not be able to have my jetted tub but I will take a spa like shower!
 We have a pantry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It makes up for not having a single drawer in the kitchen!
 A huge laundry room for a Korean apartment!
And our DVD's have a new home.... the first time since we started living here like 8 months ago (15 months for Collin).

Tonight is just the kind of night I love after a long day.  Audrey is already in bed, I am in my favorite spot and Collin and Tom are out in the living room playing Football on the PS3.  What a fun weekend!
Happy Memorial Day family and friends and remember this weekend isn't just about the cookouts and long weekends.... its about those who have died fighting for Americans freedom!  Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve.  And thank you to all the Spouses and families who put up with it and love it ;)

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