Tuesday, July 29, 2014

VBS week... and other stuff!

You know that Vacation Bible School was a success when 3 days after the final day everyone is still talking about it and posting pictures on Facebook.  So many of my fellow volunteers are still posting and l love seeing it.  I made so many friends last week.  Everyone was amazing and I can't stop thanking the pre-k family enough!  I really miss my kids.  I wish I would be able to stay in contact better.  Two of them had birthdays on Sunday and I hope they went well!  VBS week was an experience I will never forget.  The kids are all truly amazing and to watch their little lives light up when learning about Jesus is so awesome!  Watching them sing songs and learning the hand motions and participating is outstanding and simply awesome!  I think I have found that I really want to work with kids.  I found my thing. 
Collins birthday was this weekend and I have to say it was a great night.  There are 2 guys here in Korea with us that I would do anything for and both of them were with us!  Sitting around and talking football and hockey was a blast.  I can't wait to see how the football season turns out to see who is right and who is wrong about their assumptions!  There was plenty of talk about Cleveland and Johnny football!  Somehow though the evening, for awhile, kept going back to Sharknado.  A movie none of us have watched but yet talking about the concept seem to intrigue these 3 men lol.  I just sat back and laughed, found a smile forming a cross my face and realized how lucky I am.  It was indeed a great evening!
August is almost upon us and there will be some upcoming changes in the Shorey house.  Whenever Collin is gone it gives me a chance to clean up my diet, dedicate myself to more workout time, and revamp my plan.  I guess I should say plans because with both Collin and the Nanny being gone my volunteer work is going to be pretty slow which also means I will have a lot more time at home.  My big plans for August are to look over the budget and prepare for our upcoming vacation to the states.  Plan for my September Jeju Island trip that I am really wanting to take.  I have to go to Hallasan and even if we can't climb much with the Audrey I will climb parts of it!  I say mostly the word I and not we because it is my goal more than Collin's!  Hallasan is the biggest mountain in South Korea, which isn't saying much for the height of a mountain.  I am used to Pikes Peak and well I don't think Hallasan is even half of the peaks sumit that I used to look at everyday!  However, I want to go do it!  Who knows if we leave early enough maybe we can reach the top even with Audrey.  I doubt it but a girl can dream!  I will also start looking at the many trips we want to take next year and all the little weekender trips we can take throughout the year.  I would love to see Thailand, Japan, and China.  Japan is first on the list though as I want to go to Mt. Fuji.  It is funny, I used to be such an ocean girl, I always wanted large bodies of water around me and now I am all about the mountains.  August is also going to be a month to crack down on not only my health and weight loss but for little miss A.  She is potty trained for the Nanny.  Never has issues unless they are out playing and can't make it to a potty in time.  At home though she is completely potty trained for Minda and well it's time she is completely potty trained for mommy too. So while we are home the princes will be in big girl underwear!  We will also get her back in her own bed.  We have had some rough nights with sleeping and so she has been back in our bed again.  Nights like tonight we were just too lazy and put her in our bed instead of hers because neither of us wanted to deal with it.  So once it is just her and I, we are going to get back to it, along with a better schedule.  We were doing so well with a schedule and then I just got lazy, or busy, or something.... yes, the Shorey household will be a busy one in August!
I can't believe that July is winding down so quickly.  It seems like just last week we were starting July!  Which also means that the real heat is just around the corner.  I never thought I would experience the kind of heat that I have these past couple of weeks.  There are times when I don't feel like I can fully breath outside it has been so unbearable. Collin says it has been a good summer so far but if next year is hotter than this year, I am not going to do so well!  That and I am sure our electric bill is going to be 900.00 for this month.  I say this because May and June combined was 900.00 and those were not even hot months :( 
School is going well.  I am into my 3rd week of a computer class and only have 2 more to go!  Which reminds me I should probably get my books ordered for my Bible class since it starts soon.  I can't believe fall semester is right around the corner already.  I am not loving this computer class but I am pushing for an A as always. I did enjoy my English class and even though my final grade was a B I think I learned more in those 5 weeks than I have in a long time.  Oh and I am taking a Korean class.  Not sure how well that is going to go, but I also know I can't have Collin teach me the language.  Our brains operate very different and it would just be one disaster after another!  I missed last week due to VBS but I guess we got a bunch of new students so instead they just repeated the previous week.  I may not be able to have Collin teach me but I sure can have him help me brush up to be ready for this Thursday!
Well better get off here.  It is 1am and Audrey has successfully been sleeping for 2 1/2 hours!  I better get some sleep in before she decides she wants to wake back up.  It has been a rough 5 nights with her. 
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and has and even more fantastic week!

My amazing and beautiful class!  This was only 15 kiddo's out of the 22 signed up.  Although the largest class was only 20.  I loved every minute of it :)

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