Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vacation part 2

So I left off when we had left Nanna's to head to Florida.  Again they had an open seat for Audrey on both flights so Audrey was able to have her own seat, which is always a blessing.  Landing in Atlanta was rough and I actually got motion sickness, which this round of trips was the first ever on a plane.  Except for the time I had food poisoning or something weird and had to fly but that is for another time.
Once we landed I had turned on my phone to find a text from my sister that she was already there waiting!  We were towards the back of the plane so we of course were stuck there forever before we got a chance to inboard.  We had such great visits with Collins side of the family already, and I was very excited to see mine.  Sure enough on our way off the escalators my sister was there waiting for hugs with a big smile on her face.  Audrey took right to Aunt Kimmy and in the car started mimicking her every move and sound from her car seat.  It was on this day the Audrey/Aunt Kimmy signature sound started.  WOOOOO HOOOOO!  We headed to her house and picked up the boys and headed to steak and shake.  It was so nice seeing her and the boys.  I can't remember the last time I had seen my nephews and they had certainly become tall and much older then I remembered :)
We had such a great time just hanging out and relaxing.  We went on a nature walk and a large tortoise that came walking right passed us.  Audrey yelled as she thought he was about to charge her, yet she still made sure to name him Guy!  We also went to a park where injured animals were sent until they could be sent back to the wild.  Unless of course they couldn't be sent back to the wild then the refugee would keep them and take care of them.  After the refugee we went and had lunch then headed to loggerhead.  Now this was the same type of thing, a refugee for sea turtles. I saw turtles so HUGE that I could hardly believe what I was seeing.  It was really cool.  Loggerhead was positioned right next to the Ocean so of course we had to take Audrey to her first Ocean.  At first she was horrified because the water was so cold, though she allowed Aunt Kimmy to continue dangling her feet.  Soon the girl was unstoppable.  Audrey would have ran into the Ocean by herself had we let her.  She became soaked in Ocean water and didn't want to leave.  She was a fan of the big blue, and we have a seashell from her very first visit.
Florida was beautiful as always but sadly after a few short days we had to board yet another plane.  The trip too the airport was interesting as it is only about a 15 minute drive but there was a terrible accident which slowed us down and forced my sister to have to drop us and run.  We made it to our gate 5 minutes prior to boarding.  It was a rush but we made it.  So off to Ohio we went!
Again the Atlanta landing was rough and again I thought I was going to be sick, I didn't lose it but I did have to keep putting drops of peppermint under my tongue.  We knew we would get in a little sooner than when my parents could, but after luggage and everything we figured it would have been pretty good timing.  Then we realized the plane landed almost 30 minutes early.  So by the time we got our luggage it was basically the time we would have originally landed and knew it could potentially be a long wait.  Then I saw the sign for the USO!  I didn't even know there was military in the area so this amazed me.  We wandered over and they welcomed us with arms wide opened.  It was so relaxing.  Audrey had tons of toys to play with and Collin and I had a tv with comfy reclining chairs and couches.  They of course also offered snacks and coffee!  Then the text came in that my parents were just around the corner!  We headed out and 5 minutes later the family had arrived.
Audrey again had gone straight to Grammy with no problems.  Our first stop Ihop!  Oh how I had missed that place.  I didn't want to go to sleep that night, I just wanted to stay up and talk.  But eventually mom and I were the only ones left so I gave in.  We had a great visit.  We went to a Lake Erie Monsters game, (the baby AVS), for military appreciation night, which was a blast.  Even after I ran into a 3 foot cement pillar and twisted my ankle on the way to the game.  I was  in a LOT of pain but knew we had to continue to the game.  Thank goodness I didn't do anything worse.
We also celebrated Audrey's second birthday in Bubble Guppies style.  I got to see so many people that I had not seen in a long time including a high school friend that I hadn't seen in years and a cousin who we figured it had been about 14 years since our last visit.  It was great, and it was once again confirmed how amazing our family is to all come together and how much Audrey is loved.
We also went to my grandmas for a night which was, as always wonderful.  We had a great big dinner that was much like an early Thanksgiving.  Then the next day my grandparents, two aunts and cousin went to Erie with us so I could get the much loved Chick-Fil-A!  It was a wonderful visit, except that on the way in, my grandma took a harsh fall, it was seriously one of those moments when everything around me froze and in slow motion I watched her fall to the ground but no matter what I did, there was nothing I could do fast enough to stop it.  I felt awful, we went there for me, and she took a tumble on the cement.  After she got up and became composed again, we got her some ice for the side of her head and she seemed to be ok, just a little sore.  The worst of it was needing to get new glasses.
We headed back to my parents that afternoon and had a relaxing night just hanging out and talking.  Tuesday morning came early and the day that I was dreading.  We packed up the night before and had to finish early in the morning.  My mom was babysitting so Audrey and I went to join her after lunch and Audrey got to play with a new friend.  Once her day was over we packed up and headed to Cleveland.  We got a suite with a full kitchen, table and chairs, living room with a fireplace and a Kind size bedroom.  Then upstairs was another bathroom and kind bed.  Matt took the pull out couch.  If anyone can make a hotel fun.... it was Matthew and I.  We played with a ball on he stairs for a long time laughing and hoping that no one was down stairs that would call in saying we were too loud.  Then he wanted to go find the gym and that was an adventure.  We walked around the premises for what seemed like forever until mom went in and rechecked directions.  The gym was in the Hotels second building, that looked nothing like the one we were staying in.  Matt had pointed it out awhile ago on our adventure but mom and I told him he was crazy and that, that building had to be a different Hotel.... joke was on us!  Once back we finally all gave in and called it a night.  4am came REALLY, REALLY early, and sure enough it was time to head to the airport.  Because of the time we had left my parents and Matt only had time to drop us off and say our good-byes.  Sometimes I think that is for the better because then there are not as many tears because it has to be quick, but then when I finally have time to process I think it hurts even more to have to say good-bye.
Audrey got another seat all the way back home.  It was an amazing, busy, vacation but a fantastic one!

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  1. Loved reading this. Can't wait until we see you again and counting the days until you are all back home in the U.S. for good.