Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A little bit of bad for a lot of good news!

Collin had a long day at work today and so Audrey and I just hung out around the apartment since there is never any telling when daddy could be home.  Collin did however get to come home for a fast lunch and to fill me in on some news and bring home the mail. 
He informed me that he is allowed to go to a Korean class to brush up on his Korean.  This is good and a little sad for me.  The pro's to this is since he is already an amazing linguist he should have no problem scoring a 2+, 2+ ( I don't really get the grading scale) but once you score that high we will actually make more money.  More money would mean that I won't feel like I should be working and take some of the pressures off of us. If I was to go to work then I need to find child care and there are 2 issues with this.  The first is there is a waiting list for childcare and I would have to work evenings and then what kind of family time would we have.  The second one is even if I started to work and we could get childcare I would have to work full time and half of my paycheck (if not more) would go straight to the childcare.  The sad news to all this is that it is November 6th to December 12th!  That is over a month and even though it is a school he can commute to he will be gone for long hours of the day as he still has to go to work in the early hours before the class starts.  I probably will not see my husband during daylight.  However, we are together and that is the most important thing of all. 
Collin also took some books and invites to work for my Scentsy Open House in November.  I gave him 10 bags to take in.  The bags included invites that smell like A wink and a smile, a catalog, my new business cards, and 1 each of the winter pamphlets and fall pamphlets.  When he returned home he told me, "I have bad news."  I braced myself and said, "ok, fire away." To my surprise his bad news  was music to my ears!  "I gave out all your bags and I need more!" WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO seriously!? That's awesome!  He went on to tell me how some seemed very excited and one already said that she couldn't make it but will send an order home for me!  The bad news, and when I say bad news it really isn't bad just bad for my bank account, I had to order more books already!  I chose the route of giving out full books because I am starting in a new location and wanted to go all out!  I usually order 2 packs of books and have way too many left over!  This time I ordered 1 pack and could have used at least 5 more just today!  This is all a huge relief to me for multiple reasons.  The first one is that I had no desire to put Scentsy on hold and so I need this to work out here.  The second one is I already know of 3 Scentsy consultants on post and this is not a very big post.  Lastly, I miscalculated.  I thought I was "safe" until November.  I need to have $150 in orders every 3 months and well October is one of those months.  So if I don't have another $80.00 in orders by the end of October I have to spend the $80.00 and I would have felt awful spending the money on it if the Open House is a bust anyway!
With that being said, anyone who doesn't know my mother, if your ever interested in Scentsy look me up.  www.stacyshorey.scentsy.us we can ship to APO addresses :)
So today has been a great day at it is only 335pm.  Oh yeah and our 1st Birthday invites came in today!  So exciting!
Later I am going to pack a box of clothes for singles mom's who live in a shelter.  I am going to donate some of Audrey's clothes.  We were totally blessed with clothes from newborn to 6 months so now I am going to give the clothes to mommies in need.  First though I am getting off here and spending some awesome time with the family!

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