Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life is good

Well hello everyone!  I hope this finds everyone doing well.  I am great!  Day 2 of losing weight is not going so good.  I have not made it to the gym yet but I am drinking about 5 of the 8 glasses of water and for me lately that says something.  Every chance I get I choose to walk everywhere even though at times that walk is just down right exhausting.  There is a girl Sarah that we met at the Church..... ok well not exactly.  Collin met her a long time ago and somehow started talking about Scentsy and she needed a light bulb so Collin just gave her one of his, but anyway after church on Sunday he pointed  her out to me.  Then Monday when we were on post we saw them once again and we got to talk and I finally learned her name.  Yesterday at the PX (our shopping center) wouldn't you know, we ran into Sarah again.  We talked a lot more about the church and small groups and about Korea and how I was adjusting and what not and I was starting to feel good about meeting a new friend and then she said those words....... "yeah it's a shame we are leaving in 2 weeks"  Ugh are you kidding me?!  Every time I meet someone they are leaving!  Kind of like one of Collin's soldiers he hung out with over here.  Courtney and him had been buddies for awhile at work but as soon as I get here and get to meet her she is leaving!  In fact Collin is at her going away shindig now, Oh wait there is a text.... he is on his way home.  The life in the military.

Today I learned the process of walking on post and withdrawing rent money plus a little more (we never know how much utilities are until we go to pay), then we have to exchange the money into Won, then we get to go pay rent and all utilities.  The bank has a really bad exchange rate so we don't exchange our money there so we either can exchange it at the Realtors or if they don't have the money then we have to go find another place.  Today the realtor had enough to exchange and so we were able to do EVERYTHING in 1 stop.  Exchange, rent, and all utilities. 

Today we also went down south.  Collin had to do some work down there so while he went to work Audrey and I went exploring.  In the food court was a play place for Audrey to hang out and she met 2 friends and I met their mom's.  They talked to me a little and we talked kids but the bad part is that it's an hour bus ride to get down there and the chances of me going down there often is very slim.  After that Audrey and I went around and looked at the different kiosks and stores and soon daddy was done with work.  From there we walked over to the mac flight area or whatever its called.  Its a mini airport and if I ever have open ended dates to come home I can fly on a military flight from there to Seattle Washington and then the rest of the travel is on me.  This sounds great and all except the MAC flights are not always reliable and I could get stuck somewhere so I would probably be on standby flights from Seattle on, unless I could find another MAC flight to get me closer to family or friends so someone could pick me up.  Anyway at the reason we even went to the mini airport was that I could get my Visa stamped in my passport and I am now allowed to be in Korea for 1 1/2 years! That was the last of our major paperwork we had to do since getting here.

One of the most enjoyable parts of today was ordering Audrey's first birthday, birthday invites!  I can't believe we are getting so close already and the other day we bought her first birthday present and I have 2 more on the way from Amazon. (Which is the best thing since sliced bread now that I am over here)

Yesterday we went and did what is hopefully close to a full month of grocery shopping.  At the time I knew that IN CASE there was a shutdown that commissaries would be closed (that is the cheapest by far for us to shop in Korea.) So I wanted to get as much done as possible.  I have since learned that with the shutdown only US Commissaries are closed but the oversees ones stay opened.  I am thanking God that they passed a bill so that Military will be getting paid.  However with that said I couldn't imagine the panic a lot of my friends and possibly family have at this time not knowing when they will get paid again.  A have a lot of friends who get paid under the government and some of them have children bigger and smaller than Audrey.  For those of you who have to worry about diapers, wipes, formula, food, gas, pet food, and all the other necessities just to get through a day, my heart breaks for you.  I am sending hugs and praying for all of you to make it through.  I know it feels good to complain about our "messed up" government but I think we all know that won't help, and keep your head up!  You can do this!

Now I think it is time to join my precious baby girl and get some much needed sleep!  Loving and missing all of you!   

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