Monday, October 7, 2013

A new week

Holy Cow it is a new week already!  Who would have thought Monday would have come so quickly.
Last week like the past 2 weeks was great!  Especially Saturday night!  Seoul had its annual firework show.  The show is put on by 4 different countries.  This year was Canada, Japan, France and Korea.  Best Fireworks ever!  Each Country set off their own 15 minute show and Korea got like 20 to 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between!  It was unexplainable.  They say that over 1 million people come to watch these international fireworks.  I will post a picture or 2 at the bottom but, we were forced to stand very far away and my pictures do not do it justice however CNN did have some amazing photo's that were posted and an article explaining the theme each country did and that it cost 3.3 million and 10,000 fireworks were used!  (Go to and in the search field just put Seoul fireworks festival) and I will also share on FB!

Today was my first day back at the gym since I tore the tendons in my foot!  It was pretty good.  I actually ran for a bit on the treadmill and was rather impressed with myself.  Although anyone who knows me knows I am initially shy and I certainly don't like trying new things out for the first time by myself.  So with that being said I really didn't do much more than cardio as there was very little machines compared to what I am used to and  ones that I had never seen in my workouts in America lol!  So with others in the gym I didn't dare try them.  In fact I am pretty sure I just want to go onto post and used the new gym there.  I work out best when someone is pushing me to work out.  I was going to ask for a personal trainer for my birthday but they are a bit more then I was expecting and without working I feel guilty asking for such a thing, plus lets face it I have a first birthday to be buying for.  I was in the best shape of my life when Collin and I were working out together.  He pushed me, even when I hurt and I wanted to give up and cry he pushed me.  He knows my breaking points and he knows when I am there and when I just want to quit.  The problem with that is that the gym doesn't offer child care anymore.  I would so be willing to pay for child care for a couple hours if Collin and I could get in our groove again.  Plus it would be way cheaper then a personal trainer.
Now that all these thoughts have flashed through my head of the best way to get in shape and they are all seeming to fail miserably I guess I will really have to rely on those 3-5 mile walks that we seem to end up taking often.  I will get back into shape some way some how.  There is a lady on post trying to get a co-op started for babysitting at the gym as the gym has provided a room for it.  Now we just need the people!  I would love that!  I would have no issues watching kids for an hour or two if it means I get free child care to also get my work out on!  So hoping that there is a big enough interest! 

Well we are off to our last hope for a trunk or treat costume!  If we can't find anything then I guess I will order one offline and hope it arrives in time!  Oh yeah and everyone that knows I hate carving pumpkins and refuse to do it............ so does Collin...... guess Audrey better make some pumpkin carving friends in the future cause that is so not happening in this house hold!  As it is, it has taken me a lot to set aside my hatred for Halloween and find a costume.  I know Audrey will be ADORABLE but really buying a costume for 1 night for a couple hours for candy she CANNOT eat!  Yes, seems ridiculous to me but everyone has convinced me that it will be fun to do with Auder-Pop!

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