Friday, September 13, 2013

Big and small tears

Wow what a couple of emotional days. Yesterday I left Ohio with a few things in my head.  One was the overwhelming feeling of acceptance I revieved from THE CITY and the love that was shown. Two was the heart wrenching sadness of saying  "see you soon" to my family. The third was the excitement of being one step closer to hubby.
After arriving in Dallas I suddenly became very frustrated. As I got to  the rental car building, Audrey started to get really fussy. I did my best to console her while taking care of the car knowing what a long day it had been. The man behind the counter said that he would pull the car around for me. As I began to walk out the door with a wiggle worm in one arm and 2 diaper bags on the other the gentleman said you just take care of the baby I will do the rest. I nodded and sighed with a slight giggle knowing I had to have looked beat down by this point, despite the humming of Our Father and the fading smile that was on my face. All I could think of was 2 1/2 hours and we are done. God please give me 3 more hours of energy!!!!  Is all I could muster up at this point. And the journey began.
15 minutes down the road Audrey let out a scream I have never heard before followed by intense crying. I quickly stopped in a grocery store parking lot as I heard bubba bubba. All this for a bottle. She just ate an hour and 30 minutes agoI promptly made the bottle scooped her up and fed her.  She spit the bottle back out and seemed content after only 2 ounces. I then placed her back in her seat and began driving. Then I hit bumper to bumper traffic and within 20 minutes the shriek of crying started back up. I had nowhere to go and pleaded with Audrey to please hold on. There was no calming her, so I reached back to rub her tear soaked cheek when my hand brushed the corner of her mouth.... teething.... I thought so I slipped my finger on to her gums and too my surprise I felt a tooth!!!  I stopped once outside traffic, changed her, gave her some meds, fed her until she was calm, then as she fell asleep got her back in her seat and drove for about another 30 minutes until the screaming once again rattled the car. With a deep breath I wondered if I would ever make it to Na'ans and grandpa Bill's house. I pulled off into the back of a well lit IHOP parking lot and we went through our routine again. As Audrey was falling asleep the unexpected happened. A cop pulled in behind me. He quickly pointed out a sign that read.... for guests only, all others will be towed. Apparently I was not in the IHOP parking lot but in the Comfort Inn parking lot and the owner called the cops on me. An hour and a half later I reached my destination thanks to the GPS. Words of celebration.  HOWEVER MY 10 MONTH OLD HAS HER FIRST TOOTH!!!  After we got to bed I honestly dont know who fell asleep faster.
Today started out as a normal day. Was up by 830 and greeted with warm smiles by the neighbors and was quickly brought amazing coffee with whipped cream while feeding my little teething baby!  My kind of morning!  Later I discovered the town that I now consider home was once again under attack. Not by the heat of flames but this time by down pour of rain. I checked Facebook and sure enough my brother Andrew was posting video of his honeymoon and the devastating flooding that was starting to occur. I called him and he assured me at the the time they were fine. I told him to call me if things changed and once we hung up I made 1 phone call to my friend John and just as I thought he assured me that if needed he had a bedroom all lined up for them.
As I am following the flood tonight I see more lives have been taken and more people are missing.
Coloradians, visitors and friends I am praying. We have seen so much devastation in just a few short years!  Hang in there and keep faith. My heart breaks for each and everyone of you who have had homes burnt down and homes flooded out. I have so many amazing memories and along with many of you are watching memories be destroyed by these disasters. I love you all be safe.
Please remember Colorado in your prayers!
Time for sleep and hoping that tomorrow is a very low key day!

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