Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting settled

Well hello there!  Today is my third wake up and things are going great!  My first 2 mornings I was up at 330am and this morning I woke up at 730am.  It was kind of nice to sleep in but I am hoping to find a happy medium.  I am thinking the perfect wake time for me would be about 5-530am.  I know ridiculous right?  Here is my thinking though.  Audrey has been waking up around 730-9.  I figured by getting up at 530 I can get my coffee and toast, get "me" time in, read a little and be prepared to start my day by the time she wakes up.  Plus it is actually pretty cool watching daybreak over the city in the mornings and cracks me up hearing a random rooster crowing while the sun rises.  I missed that this morning and honestly was a little sad. 

So far on my short travels I have been on post and got my new phone, the Galaxy 3 (Although because of the 3 day Holiday celebration I can't activate it until Monday) I have walked around the Dragon Hotel, which is tons of food and shopping and salons inside :) Collin has taken me out to explore the Apartment area which is 4, 30 story high rises.  A,B,C, and D.  We live in C!  He showed me the parks that are in our apartment area and showed me which gym belongs to building C.  We have an indoor driving range in our complex and an indoor mothers room, which is pretty high speed if ya ask me.  It has 2 rooms for kids to play in with foam flooring and then it has a little separate nook area with a table and chairs, microwave and sink!  Its pretty cute and I think it will be a good place to take Audrey if we ever just need out of the apartment for awhile and maybe I can even meet some other moms!  Yesterday we went to the Ipark mall and we were there for a couple hours and I maybe saw a quarter of it.  It is the small mall of Seoul and, are you ready for this, it is 8 stories!  Did you catch the small mall part in that!  Then last night we went to a fairly large patio area outside the apartment complex and I got to meet a few of his friends.  One was a soldier of his that will be leaving in a couple weeks and the others were some folks he has met that live in apartment A or B!  Rusty and Bonnie.  Rusty is an American who works at the fire station at Yongsan and Bonnie, his wife, is Korean but speaks English very well

Today Collin is going to take me to my first Korean restaurant, well first in Korea anyway.  I remember we went to one a couple years back in Colorado Springs but I don't remember a thing. Although I do remember the server telling me how impressed she was about Collin's ability to speak Korean!  Thank goodness for that too because I don't know how I would make it without him knowing Korean.  Everything is written in Korean of course and everyone looks at you and speaks it.  I have learned how to say Thank you, and Hello so far although Hello is not clicking in my head right now!  I have also learned (on my phone) how to type LOL in Korean!  My phone has an option for Korean or English.  Ummm yeah I think it will forever be on English mode! 
After our Korean lunch we are going to explore the Korean War Memorial!  Collin said he has spent hours there before and has only gotten to 1 wing of it.  Its all outside and just a quick walk from the apartment.  In fact I can see it from where I am sitting on my balcony! 

Speaking of walking, I no longer have any fears of getting back in shape.  Itewan (sp) and the Ipark mall are also within walking distance and the way I see it, walking is going to be easier than trying to figure out the subway system, and cheaper.  There are stairs everywhere so I will more than likely strap Audrey to me if I am a lone going out to explore.  Collin on the other hand just picks up the stroller with Audrey in it and carries her up and down the stairs like it's nothing. 

Well Collin had to run to work for some paperwork stuff so I am going to jump off here and get the dishes done before he gets back.  One nice thing about a small apartment is that its going to be easy to keep it picked up.  One night of dishes and the dishes need done.  3 or more things out of place and the apartment looks rough. Although right now it looks really rough because I have not put a single thing away since we got here and I am still just pulling clothes out of the suitcase and wearing them.  Tomorrow though is house day so I can try to get somethings organized and picked up! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and please keep in touch!  Mary, I am wearing the necklace you gave me today.  I am embracing all the hugs it gives me from back home!x
 Some outside exercise equipment we found during our walk of the complex grounds!  Collin is working on his lower back here lol!

Audrey:  Daddy what are you doing?!

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