Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, its after midnight and Audrey is Finally asleep so now its time for me to wind down.

Wow what a weekend!  It started off with the drive to Pittsburgh to pick up Kim. My simply amazing, hilarious,  beautiful sister. It was so great to have her around for the weekend. She was totally the life of the party haha. Saturday night all the girls stayed in the same room and it was perfect. Although Sunday morning was a bit rough as our mother kept us up until 0200.

Over the entire weekend we got to see our cousins Paul and Tifany, grandma, poppy and Darlene, Denise, Alec, and Hannah and Justin and Luaren all together as we celebrated the amazing wedding of my brother Andrew and his new wife Sarah.

It was a series of events starting with the pick up of Kim to the rehearsal dinner to the wedding to dropping her off at the airport today. Which is were the emotions really started to hit. Saturday after the wedding I said "see ya later" to Andrew and Sarah which became very hard considering I don't know when I might see them again but when Sunday came it hit even harder.  Kim and I are pretty close and it was already bothering me that I didn't get to see her boys this weekend, but when she moved forward and onto security and we started walking away it crushed me.

I have this feeling that the next 2 days will be torture. Tomorrow I need to unpack from the weekend and repack for Wednesday. I cant wait to be with my husband but the hurt it my heart that I am feeling isn't going to make things easy.

Right now I'm just really holding on to the blessings in our lives. Audrey has met all her grandparents, most aunts and uncles, cousins, and even her biological grandma this year. I was able to quit my job so all this could be happening and besides a few small colds and allergy issues we have been pretty healthy through all the travel. Thank you to all my friends and family who have support us especially through these past 7 months.... 8 days to go......

oh and if have not seen it go to YouTube and search Collin Shorey and there you will find a video of the Seoul apartment and we will post another once I'm over there.  Also for your enjoyment check out the other video a soldiers prayer. That was a song he wrote for chapel in Iraq.

 I love when the 4 of us are together!!!

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