Thursday, September 26, 2013

What a week!

Oh where to begin......What a week and we are not even quite done!  As I was sitting down getting ready to blog tonight I could hear Audrey just bawling her eyes out in the bedroom.  She was not having bed time from daddy.  No way was that child going to sleep.  So I crept in there laid down beside her and started singing to her, gave her her paci and soon she was fast asleep.  She just needed a little mamma love.  Somethings daddy just can't do, night night time is a mommy and Audrey thing and I hope it stays that way :)

This week has been full of fun and frustrations.  All week we have had to get up and go on post for something.  Financing, visas, ID cards, NEO stuff (None combative Emergency Operations or something like that.  In short it holds all the important paperwork if I was ever to have to flee the country) Housing, TriCare (Insurance) and all kinds of stuff.  And of course everyday there is either something always closed, suddenly in a different building, or they are out to lunch.  I have learned a very valuable lesson.  There are 2 places in this world that can take hours upon hours for less than an hour of work.  Military installations and the DMV.  Some places are only open on certain days and others are closed on the days the others are opened.  Therefore it has been a week long process and we still are not finished.  Tomorrow we hopefully can finish up Finance and our NEO stuff.  Although it is Friday so I don't really know how productive the day will be.

Monday I really started working on the apartment.  I got Audrey's room complete It's cramped and all the closet space is full but its complete.  Throughout the week I have been taking care of a few left over boxes, laundry and organizing.  Something unheard of even happened today.  I have 4 drawers with clothes in them......... I never, never put anything in drawers except for socks and underwear!  In fact the only time my clothes are folded is if they are in a suitcase!  Tonight I finally have all the clothes finished, put away, and organized........... oh wait........ I still have 4 packed boxes to go and at least 1 of those boxes are clothes :(

Anyway it was not all work and no play this week.  We went to some stores, walked around town, and as most of you saw we even went to the zoo yesterday!  It was an amazing zoo.  So many animals and crazy cheap compared to the states.  We took the subway and that was like 4 stops a transfer and another 3 stops before we got to our destination.  Which all in all cost both of us round trip about $8.00 at the most.  I think it was about $4.00 round trip per person maybe a little less.  I am still not great at transferring Won over to dollars so I always shoot a little high.  Once we got off of the Subway we walked straight up some steps and out to a wide open path lined with carts selling food, hats, toys and other souvenirs.  At the end of the path you could see shooting water which I just knew had to be the gateway to the zoo!  Sure enough as we got to the end there was a big entrance to the zoo that sat just past the gallons of water shooting through the air.  I can't read any Korean but I quickly found the English word Tickets.  Sweet!  I have read about the zoo several times online prior to my Korea arrival and have been anxiously waiting to go!  I stayed with the stroller and Collin went up and paid $6.00 for two tickets!  Seriously 6 bucks!  Amazing!  As we got to the next floor we found a long line for a tram.  Both of us were slightly confused but not seeing any other way we figured we had to be in the right spot.  We should the lady our tickets and sure enough we were set to ride the tram to the zoo.  After what I thought was a lengthy ride to the zoo main gate we finally arrived.  Hummmm the word Tickets is in front of us again.  Sure enough we had only bought the tram tickets now we have to buy zoo tickets.  Collin and I agreed that this is how the zoo must make their money.  Another lesson learned.  The Zoo doesn't take credit/debit cards.  But I like to always have a little cash on me so I saved the day by having $25 in my wallet.  The lady took the American money and returned the change in Won.  Again I was amazed!  Only $4-5.00 entrance for the both of us!  WOOO HOOOO!  Once in the zoo we saw so many animals and the habitats were simply amazing!  HUGE habitats with lots of playful things and lots of land to roam on.  My favorite part was the animal nursery.  Those little animals were just too cute and really was worth the hike up hill to go see them.  After the nursery we were finally headed to the Dolphin encounters!  Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dolphins!  We got to the entrance and found out that the last show was at 1500 Oh man 45 minutes late!  However the good news is that we didn't get to see about half the zoo so we have lots to come back to next time including the Dolphins and the petting area where Audrey can feed the animals!  Oh yeah and guess how much the tickets to the Dolphin show is???????????? FREE!  Shortly after we realized we missed the dolphins we were headed home.  Once again had to pay $6.00 to ride the tram and pay the rest of our subway fee.  At the zoo we also got ice cream, a bottle water, and Coke for the hubby which cost us $6.00 and on the way back to the subway we got BBQ Chicken on a stick which was 2,000 Won (just under $2.00) So all in all (again rounding up cause I am not that good yet) we spent $33.00 total on our day!  How awesome is that?  In the states we would have never gotten off that cheap!

I will close with my favorite part of the day!  Ok well 2 favorite parts.  The first one was I got a new ID card.  I know, I know, not real exciting..... but mine was falling apart and I really wanted Collins latest rank on my ID card.  He made Chief Back in 2011 and I just now got my updated card.  The second was eating at a new place called Craftworks.  As some of you might recall Collin has done some photography and an article about the place.  Published and all!  So today he took me there for lunch.  I met the Owner which seemed like a real nice guy.  He opened the building we were in 3 years ago and is getting ready to open his 4th.  He is doing very well for himself.  Plus its one of the few places here where he only hires English speaking wait staff and serves real American food!  It really made me feel like I was in a bit of America today....... even though the waitress working were Korean and the owner is from Canada lol!

Ok the family has been asleep for awhile and if my morning is anything like the last 3 mornings Audrey will be up and ready to play by 2am so I must get to bed myself!  Plus my legs are still burning from all the zoo/subway walking/stair climbing!
Good night my friends......... or well as of right now.......... good morning :) 

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